The Schering Yasmin Pill Will Make You Crazy

Published: 13th August 2009
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My experiences with schering yasmin have been very positive. I have been prescribed many various brands of contraceptive pill over the years. I can't remember which the one I originally had was but it was withdrawn as there was a scare interrelated to it.

Then after a few various changes I was put on Cilest - this was fine for a few months but then I developed tremendously bad PMT and depression.

It got so bad I had feelings of suicide and I eventually realised later reading an article in a magazine that it might be interrelated to my pill and went to my doctor to ask for it to be altered.

I had terrible worry getting them to change it but eventually I managed to persuade them to replace it to Schering Yasmin . A pill I had read very good reports in relation to in a few different publications.

Yasmin is a combined pill made by a company called Schering Health Care, it was released in 2002 and on its discharge made claims that it gives fewer side effects than other combined pills untaken.

After searching this is an excerpt from a news report I found published the week of its release.

"A new contraceptive Pil (schering yasmin) which does not cause weight gain will be introduced in the UK this week. Yasmin has fewer side effects than other low-dose contraceptive Pills, say its makers, Schering Health Care. They claim it does not cause fluid retention or mood swings and it reduces breast tenderness."

One medical study found that women taking Yasmin even lost weight in the first year of using it.

Schering Yasmin also claims it improves skin and hair condition and relieves the bloating associated with other oral contraceptives, which often encourages women to abandon taking it.

Around four months following going on the yasmin contraceptive pill, I ended up needing it for the contraceptive part too, and I was really concerned (at the time) that it wouldn't be suitable for non-protected sex via a condom. This, it curved out, was only my paranoia, as I soon showed no signs of pregnancy.

Even after eight months of other times. It really has been helpful for preventing pregnancy, especially with the fact that I am apparently really fertile.

I've recommended this to many of my contacts too, and I think you should undeniably try out the yasmin contraceptive pill

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